Support for Individuals
With Communication and Cognitive Challenges

Holistic Speech Pathology

Individual Therapy

Regardless of your condition, I’m here at any stage.  With a holistic, functional approach, I will be supporting you throughout our time together, setting goals with you, teaching you strategies, monitoring your progress and rejoicing with you at your successes.


In addition to therapy for the client, and/or all family members may access coaching sessions to support the client or address other topics. Unlimited emailing is included.

Group Therapy

For some individuals, group therapy is another way to make progress. Together, people practice their skills, support each other through difficult times, and celebrate each other’s accomplishments. It is another safe place to be.


My professional life has been an interesting one, involving study, exploration, rewards, all stemming from my passions for communication and helping others.  To this end, I have been a speech-language pathologist, a teacher of communication, and later, a wellness coach.  I’ve worked with all ages and taught and supervised at universities, preparing future generations of speech-language pathologists.

I hold Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Speech Pathology from Queens College and Towson University respectively.  After receiving my Master’s degree, I worked as a speech pathologist in the schools, helping children with language learning disabilities.  After two years, I returned  to Towson University as a faculty member, and while there, I received my PhD in Human Development from the University of Maryland.   My dissertation research was in the area of nonverbal communication.

After leaving Towson’s faculty in 1992, I re-entered the clinical world and was introduced to traumatic brain injury.  In addition to giving me intensive training in cognitive (also known as thinking) skills, I also  gained a new appreciation for the connection of communication and cognition.   What we’ve come to call “social skills”, is described as social cognition, because of the complexity of establishing and developing relationships.  It is one very important place where communication and cognition intersect.

With all this experience and education, I recognized that, I had an additional way to help people.  So, in 2010, I became a life coach.   This training  brought a new dimension to my work, but I also knew there was more needed to round-out my background and increase my knowledge. I found the answer by completing the Integrative Health and Lifestyle Program with Dr. Andrew Weil at the University of Arizona in 2014.   This information added valuable holistic strategies to my toolkit.    

I’m excited to meet you and discuss ways we can work together!


 You may be someone who has had a traumatic event, developed a condition, or have lived with a lifelong difficulty.   You are still the person loved by others.  Certainly, there are challenges for you and you still require guidance to understand and manage them. You bring all this: your history, talents, experiences, and obstacles to the table.

I bring my experience and training in speech therapy strategies, coaching and integrative health to the table. I also bring understanding and over 30 years of experience.  We are  a team. Together we develop your goals and meet each obstacle with the intention of achieving your success .

“After my brain injury, I thought I’d never be able to work again. Dr. Judi worked with me on learning new strategies for solving problems that helps me be successful at home and at work. It’s made a big difference.”

~ Jon B.

“I had a stroke that affected my language. I had therapy when it happened, but then it stopped. Two months later, Judi and I started working together and I made much more progress. Thank you.”

~ Steve T.

When I started working with Dr. Judi on organizing things better, I asked her to coach me too. She helped me plan appropriate goals and helped me reach them. It was a great experience.

~Jane R.

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